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About - Anthony at Hyde Park.jpg

Gray Wolf Records owner, Anthony Lachus, in front of his artwork featured in a show at the Hyde Park Art Center. Part of O.L.A.F.T. (Open Lands Art & Fact Team), headed by Doug Fogelson.

Gray Wolf Records is an independent record label & music and audio production and distribution company based in Barrington, Illinois which specializes in on-site recording for local, national, international musicians, artists, poets, business, etc. 

Albums, songs, podcasts, social media, commercials, personal projects, etc. 

To make an appointment write to:

Hello ( at )

Jennifer Falat's Blog Article

Barrington Based Photograper

Thank you Jennifer!


Quintessential Barrington Magazine ("page" 68)
​Thank you QB Magazine staff, Lisa Stamos, & Susan McConnell!

​Chicago Tribune
Thank you Todd Shields!

Country Magazine
Thank you David Rutter!

Daily Herald
Thank you Anna Kukec!

About - Kahil New Ethnic Trio.jpg

Kahil El'Zabar and the New Ethnic Heritage Ensemble performing at the Chicago Academy of Music

About - Kahil Ritual Trio.jpg

Kahil El'Zabar in the Ritual Trio performing at Elastic Arts in Chicago

Video and synth by Andy Hall. Guitar by Anthony Lachus
​A Tonk Lab project


Gray Wolf Records Logo by Anthony Lachus

About - Carron.jpg

Poem for Stephen Thomas: Ode to Ishi by Carron Little supported by Beverly Arts Alliance for the public art project Neighborhood Magic, 2015

About - Kahil at Elevation.jpg

Kahil El Zabar performing at Elevation in Chicago

About - Yuri.jpg

Yuri Lane's beatbox harmonica mixtape

About - Latin School of Chicago Academy

Latin School of the Chicago Academy of Music

About - Andy Post Studio Band.png

Andy Hall / Post Studio Band

About - Isabelle Olivier.png

Isabelle Olivier performing "50/50" from her album Don't Worry Be Harpy at the Medill School of Music

Marvin Tate reading his poem "The Man Who Talked Too Much (And All The People Who Listened)" from his book The Amazing Mister Orange on his porch in Chicago

About - Honey Buffalo.png

Honey Buffalo at The Burlington

About - Prichard.jpg

Prichard at The Burlington

About - Erin Gernon.jpg

Erin Grenon harp solo

About - Kahil and David at Cultivate.jpg

David Murray and Kahil El'Zabar

About - Kahil at Cultivate Drum
About - Kahil and David Hat and Sax.jpg
About - Kahil Cathdral setup.jpg
About - Kahil Cathedral Drums.jpg
About - Kahil Cathdral with Teo.jpg

Teo Avery and Kahil El'Zabar

About - Andy at Tonk Lab.jpg

Andy Hall - Tonk Lab

About - Mic at Tonk Lab.jpg
About - Andy at Tonk Lab hands.jpg
About - Yuri Video.jpg
About - Olivia.jpg
About - Kahil Cathedral.jpg
About - Chuck Walker Setup.jpg
About - Living Room Setup.jpg
About - Rodney Anderson.jpg
About - Chicago Recording.jpg
About - Chicago Recording 3.jpg
About - Chicago Recording 2.jpg
Guitar on Table at Harry's - Photo Dec 0
About - Marvins Porch.jpg
About - Diamond setup.jpg
Photo Sep 24, 2 02 14 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 28, 5 56 07 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 28, 1 15 47 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 17, 11 24 22 PM.jpg
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