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Christmas Lights

Local Luminaries Of Music

Six original Christmas songs by musicians  from Algonquin, Barrington, Chicago and Palatine

Lucy's Carol by Jackie McMahon (3:36)

Hang The Mistletoe Higher by Anthony Lachus (2:33)

Redemption by David Rebmann (3:09)

Be Sincere by Brandon Griffith (2:58)

Christmas Regifted by Ronnie Martin & Anthony Lachus featuring Josh Younger (3:15)

The River (Ebenezer's Dream) by David Rebmann and Anthony Lachus (2:39)

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Lucy's Carol PreviewJackie McMahon
Redemption PreviewDavid Rebmann
Christmas Regifted PreviewRonnie Martin, Anthony Lachus, Josh Younger
Hang The Mistletoe Higher PreviewAnthony Lachus
Be Sincere PreviewBrandon Griffith
The River (Ebenezer's Dream) PreviewDavid Rebmann, Anthony Lachus

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