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Acustica Audio Wine Plug-In, An Innovation

Acustica Audio makes some of my most used plug-ins. It's been years since I've mixed a song without Acustica Audio plug-ins. Their emulations of real hardware are top notch. But there are only so many emulations of real hardware that can be made. Now they seem to be getting into utility plug-ins, such as original saturators and harmonic sculptors, and it's really getting interesting. I had told myself that my plug-in collection was complete and now it's time to get down to using them, then Acustica Audio released Wine.

Wine seems to be a no-compromise finesse tool. Something that I could overlook except for one important button, the Alive button. The Alive button creates subtle variation in the track, perhaps some kind of ever-changing phasing or something, it does an excellent job of breathing analog life into a digital recording in a way I have not seen before. The ever-changing variation brings an unmatched realism to the digital world. They describe it as that it "enhances preamp dynamic behavior and improve stereo panorama perception." Without it, I would have been happy with their plug-in Mystic, which I currently own, but the Alive button makes Wine a needed addition to the collection and I have a feeling the Fire version, Fire The Blend, will be a regular fixture on each track in the future.

Check it out:


Anthony Lachus

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