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     VAGUS   X     

Im Wald ist ein Wolf
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Into The Heartbeat of the Earth
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Vagus     X is a collaborative sonic production between Doug Fogelson and Anthony Lachus.


Fogelson generates the sound at the outset playing guitars, harmonicas and using bells, shakers, voice, etc. recorded as layers on a Boss RC 30 Loop Station. He then transfers the isolated and deconstructed tracks to Lachus as digital files to be reassembled and interpreted by the composer/producer. Along the way the pair trade esoteric and musical influences to provide a loose vibe and direction, while allowing plenty of room for whims and chance to play a role as third collaborator. Each resulting drone/ambient/soundtrack is created after the Loop Station’s full 99 tracks have been recorded, so this eponymous release has two final pieces resulting from months of using the Boss RC 30.


Vagus is Latin for “wandering” or “meandering” and it is also the name of the tenth cranial nerve responsible for regulating many bodily functions and organs.

(c) 2021

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